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from the places no one has been...

Well, I haven't really written in here in a couple days. There are factors for that, some I rather not talk about. Kind of in a rut, but that's fine, just need a new change of things. Maybe see some old faces, since school is almost out and I should have some more time. This upcoming week is gonna be weird and hard (if you know me well you'll know why). Not thinking about it usually helps, it's easier to do that then actually come to terms with it. I've been thinking a lot lately, about different stuff.. Life, past, present, future. What I want to do. I think about things out there, things I don't have to deal with. Will I be doing the right thing with the direction I plan on taking? Will Can I help? or is it another thing I should do? Any comments? Should I help protect the law, or help people hide behind it? Who knows... I wonder by not doing this or something in life if I would look back and say I wonder what would have happen if I went that way, if I would have talked to her. Regret can be a strong force in this world. I think that we will always have something in life we regret, I know I have things I wish I never had done and things I wish I have, mostly in the past. Things might not be the best right now, hell, I wish they could be much better, but I don't thing I would change them. Maybe things in life are suppose to go the way they do. Maybe lives are predetermined and paths are chosen. We will never know. Friday I saw The Punisher. It was a great movie, I would suggest it to everyone, even if you don't care about comics, I think it has a deeper meaning to it. How life can just seem so perfect for a moment and then it could be turned upside down in a second. How everything that means the world to you can be taken away before you even realize it. It's 5 am and I'm just sitting here... I haven't slept since Wednesday night, I have been up every single night, it blows too, because no one at all is online all night. Anyway I feel like I just rambled on, bored you, and wasted your time. Well, until next time don't forget to neuter and spade your pets!
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