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Great Romances...

"A beautiful girl can make you dizzy
Like youve been drinking jack and coke all morning
She can make u feel high
Full a single greatest commodity known to man
Promise promise of a better day
Promise of a greater hope
Promise of a new tomorrow
This particular aura can be found in the gait of a beautilful girl
In her smile & in her soul & the way she makes every rotten little thing about life seem like its gonna be ok..."

So, I said I would be back, and I have returned "I love the way you’d roll excuses off the tip of your tongue as I slowly fall apart " I haven't done much today so's been raining here, but I woke up worked out alittle, and then did some stuff around the apartment like cleaning since it hasn't been cleaned in awhile and it was pretty dirty lol. Now I have some clothes in the washer because I have nothing left to all!! I have been thinking over a lot of my life recently and what I should do with it...I have a couple roads I have been thinking of taking, but I just can't decide...It's funny when you think everything couldn't get any better then one little thing changes and you have to rethink everything. Well anyway my birthday is coming up in less then a month now..the big 2-1, and I still don't know what to yet...any ideas?? Should I go get totally shitfaced? lol...I know if I could get one thing in the world for my boirthday I do know what that is, I doubt I will get that...but I'm not telling because I can still wish and hope and if you tell it wont come true. Well thats it for now webheads...I will return

"All I have are pictures of you and broken dreams to hold on to..."
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